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I got carried away with my ancient "Zygote Animals CD - Zebra model" - re-mapping it, and adding some morphs to it's face, mane. WORKS ALSO ON ZEBRA AT DAZ, plus the original one that came on the Zygote Animals CD years ago. I added an open mouth morph, face shape for smaller nose, but wider nostrils, and wider cheeks, upper head, plus a fatter mane. Then I dialed the body shape longer.

The morphed zebra cr2, the new high res map and the uvs file to decode the re-map (with free the uvmapper software) zip is at PlanIT3D NOW! :)   (only 1/2 MB aprox)
And while you are at it, check out this wonderful site for the great forums & galleries!

Always a good idea to keep a back up of the original blzebra.obj just in case, before you use the uvs file to convert. :)

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