Decorating the Tree
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HiveWire's Dawn SE with Maelwenn's Elisa skin  (HW)
 Prae's Pony Hair with fit for Dawn (Rendo)
SV's Holiday Charm Earrings by Sveva (Rendo)

Clothes: "Short Bloomers" by Frequency (Rendo)
Blouse, cuffs, and top of bloomer shorts, for a waist covering. I replaced
 the shorts-band flounce's plain satin with lace from the blouse via Photoshop)
and added the bows by rendering one of Lully's Drapery bows!

Horse half of her is the HW horse with Gypsy Vanner coat by CWRW

Big Dog with a Flint_Hawk coat, cats in far background - HW domestic cats
Furry cat in front, under tree is one of Tiny's Long Hair cats for the Mil Cat

Room is made with the Winter Cottage exterior and interior by RPublishing & Greycloud Designs
from Rendo. I did exchange the drapes for Lully's Drapery with bow. I also did my own fire flames
for both the fireplace and candles with a Photoshop filter. I doubled the wreath above the fire-
place, and post-work extended the edge of the fireplace stones to look more natural. I used the
beam's nice wood material to apply to the ceiling itself to have a more rustic-wood cabin look.
Note: I used one of the included "cameras", but had to create my own lighting with
one of Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights.       I am a picky detail-oriented artist!  ;)

Christmas tree is by the same merchant-
one of the most beautiful trees (and gifts) ever created!
Note: I did two renders, one with the tree's ornaments scaled down, so I could assemble
them in Photoshop- creating a tree with smaller balls toward the top, as most trees have.

outside scene is from Into Winter by Sveva 

as always: Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights
Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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