Christmas Lights
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Christmas Lights

I go out at night, when the stars are shining bright,
And the street is all lit with cheery Christmas lights,
It positively lifts my spirits up, this fanciful sight,
Things begin to feel alright, my imagination takes flight!

I'm grateful to my neighbors who take time to decorate,
Which in turn awakens my muse so I can then create,
This little bit of holiday fantasy, that I can bring to you,
Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!
~Lyne's Creations                                                     


HiveWire's Dawn & Diva admire the festive lights!
When I found these "lawn decorations" at Renderosity, and this
(what I said in the poem) really happened....I was inspired to do this!

Dawn and Diva wear leather coats using the
Sweete Reyn dynamic coat by
Satira Capriccio (HW) with leather from parrotdolphin's poser Dark Materials,
over various clothing mix and matched (Lully's Jumpsuit, GI's clothes for Diva, etc.)
Dawn wears an OOT hair, Diva wears Fabiana's KirieT hair. Poses by me. Dawn
wears the pretty "Droplets" necklace...I believe I got this at Fantasies Realm Market,
but now I can't find them there...

The Wire Deer, Sleigh and Christmas tree lawn ornaments are from Renderosity -
"Winter Wonderland" by
RPublishing, Collective3d. I did set those to SubDivision of 1.
(there were a few stray vertices, removed in post-work, but it's worth it, to make the wire round)
In real life these type of lawn decorations normally have white wire shapes, but I like
 how the model creators made a gold or brass wire look. I changed the colors of the accent
 lights in Poser by changing the Ambient light colors.

I changed the ornament's point light settings and positions, adding some, removing

 others....then I set them all on the Modern Home 1's lawn (also by RPublishing,
Collective3d at Rendo). I changed the grass lawn to snow, by simply un-plugging the color map
and letting the 'lawn bump' give it the look of snow! I did have to unplug the node for the home's
"porch floor" material and plug it into Bump, because the floor kept 'poofing up' in renders.
(I'm sure this was just a small boo boo, as all other material parts are set to Bump)

The Christmas tree inside the house is from The Study set at DAZ, lit by a point light. I did
take the glass off the house's windows so the tree would show up (and made rendering easier).

The light shining on the snow from the decorations was done with 'post work'.

The wreath on the house wall is the Renderosity Christmas Freebie - thanks to TruForm
(via the
Renderosity newsletter) It's a bit tricky, but the wreath looks better with
sub-division although the pine cones should NOT be it took
a couple of separate renders, making parts invisible, then "re-assembling"!

I did take the Wreath's bow off, and substitute Moonbeam1212's bow from her 2014
Happy Holidays set of 2d art, as well as add the hanging door decoration from that set. 
(it's easy to blend them into the scene, by turning the color saturation down, lowering
the opacity a little bit, blurring just a tad).

The Christmas Lights strung across the roof and porch banister are the "Easy Pose"
 strands of Christmas lights and are gorgeous...but sorry,  I can't remember who made them.

I added my the last stanza to the dark area of my image, to make this my 2nd. "Christmas card" of the year!

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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