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My Christmas Letter

December 2017

Happy holiday greetings! I hope you have warm, enjoyable days throughout Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever your spiritual beliefs and ways are, as well as a wonderful New Year!

A word about the art on my Christmas card-this is a piece of art I did as an exercise of creating "white on white" satin materials as well as using reflections. As the project progressed I wanted to use a vivid color to accent the piece and I hit on the idea of red Christmas elements. Then with the semi-transparent curtains I decided I really needed a landscape background behind them and chose an ocean scene... All of a sudden it looked to me like a California Christmas- at least for all that live near the coast! Adding the kittens was just pure fun. Keep in mind too that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating something like this on the computer. I have had some problems with my finger joints so I had to change the types of hardware I use to communicate with the computer... meaning the type of mouse I use, as well as learning to use a pen and tablet for art. It was pretty difficult at first but I came to really appreciate that I could do more with these tools-especially the pen that acts like a true paintbrush! While it's hard to see in this tiny image, I actually pen-brushed out the edge of the kittens fur to make them look more realistic.

At the very least, I hope getting this sort of sexy Christmas card from an old lady will make you smile!

It's been a wild year and a half for me, what with having to lose all my teeth and learn to talk and eat without them. (I decided not to get dentures because having Fibromyalgia means that nerve pressure points anywhere on my body including inside my mouth can cause me a lot of pain. Plus the food I eat has to be pretty mashed up anyway) What I didn't realize a year ago last September is that having that type of major oral surgery would cause my Fibromyalgia to sort of "ramp up" a level! Meaning all the symptoms get worse. Any sort of major trauma to the body of a person who suffers from this syndrome, seems to either activate it in the first place or increase the severity of the symptoms. So I have been working on readjusting my daily life and activities around this new reality.

I also lost my last pet - my cat Nickie - to illness and age. I made the hard decision that at my age and with my health, it is just too much work to physically take care of a pet anymore, in this lifetime. So that was another major adjustment... and of course I still miss my little guy... but I don't miss cleaning the cat box every day. I suppose you could call that an upside to this situation?

I do spend most of my days doing a lot of food preparation work for the way I have to eat. It takes a good chunk of time out of every day, what with using my food processor to puree each meal, plus the time it takes to "gum it to death", to swallow it. Those hours I would rather be doing art!  So life is teaching me a lot of patience nowadays! At least I can have groceries and most everything else I need, delivered right to my door in this modern world! I'm very grateful for that!

I still make two loaves of bread at least two to three times a week and it takes me a whole day to prepare a weeks worth of the tender chicken breast meat that I steam-cook and wrap up in one meal packets to keep in the freezer. The upside to my food situation is that I still actually enjoy my sweet tofu "flan" meals which is like eating a desert plus my chicken and noodles which is a salty meal. After all these years of eating this way I hardly miss having the variety of food that most people eat.

When I am not having to do those practical chores, I squeeze in time to do my artwork and/or spend time in the on line art communities that I enjoy so much. Other times, I just rest and watch my TV shows. Almost every day, I have phone visits with my very best friend, who also deals with health syndromes (hers is "RA" which interestingly, is like a "sister syndrome" to Fibro, having many of the same symptoms) and is an artist with the computer as well.

These activities are like a reward and/or distraction from work and health frustrations. My doctor just looks at me rather cross-eyed because I'm so far "outside the box" and yet here I am at nearly 70 years old with a sharp mind and a relatively healthy body, syndromes aside. 

You may have heard on the news about the recent terrible fires that hit much of Southern California which were made worse by the "Santa Anna winds". One of those fires was just about 10 miles north of me and it was a very tense time for several days. I only live about 15 min. by car from the ocean and I have never experienced the weather here being at such low humidity day after day! As I write this, the humidity during the day is still below normal  only 10 to 15% which is just weird! I can only hope that it will break soon and we will get back to more true winter, albeit Southern California winter... which pretty much just means cooler days.

One bright bit of news to end the year on, is that both my lovely granddaughters are getting married! Actually Alycia got married on December 10th. She had a gorgeous Christmassy wedding given to her with the help of her creative and loving parents. (She of course did a lot of the preparations with her girlfriends and relatives too) Since I am unable to travel or be in a big crowd of people, my son will be sending me a video with photos and recording of the event, which I know I will enjoy. Brittanie will be getting married in the fall of 2018. Both these young ladies have grown into such smart, loving, creative and giving human beings, that I could just burst from pride!

I pray that 2018 brings a peaceful and good New Year for all of us, free from any more horrible natural disasters!

I do think of you all very often with lots of love! 


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