Working Woman
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Working Woman

She's a weary working woman at the end of the day,
Even too tired to enjoy watching her kittens at play.
Plus she's still got supper to prepare, laundry to do,
The trash to take out, as well as reports to go through.

This is the price she pays for her independent way,
Still she feels she doesn't need a husband to make it OK.
~Lyne's Creations                                                        

I enjoyed working with Ken1171's Office Lady for Dawn, applying parrotdolphin's "Gothic Revival" Poser Materials!
The suit 'sits' really well... I used IDG's Chair Time for Dawn, modified by me. She's sitting in Lully's Cuddler Chair-
with extra chair cushions (had great fun with her cushion morphs!) - also used her "Summertime" textures for this piece.
(Since the office lady suit is a bit like what women wore in the 1950's I went with that for the look of the era) Fabiana's
Essential Rugs had this great 50's looking texture design!  I use a LOT of Fabi products... Hair is FK Paris hair with fit
for Dawn.  Her stockings (AND stocking 'toe covers'- which are 2 sets, one for positioning on each foot) From her set
called "Essential Sheers" (all at Rendo). I colored her heel in post to get the look of 50's stockings too. :)
Her shoes are Ken's OL shoes, - again 2 sets to pose them/use them in this manner!
Dawn is Elisa by Maelwenn (HW) Her bag is Handbag I by 3D-Age, with Handbag I - Galore (textures) by renapd.

LisaB's Hydrangea flowers in her Pot from Potted Palm, and her Hanging Plant (which I went a little bonkers adding
even more leaves to!  Sky seen through the DAZ "Great Room" windows is from PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton set at HW,
NOTE: I often change the sky 'parts' to suit... in this one I took a bit of tree and added it behind her shoulder to balance
the background.   All cat/kittens are from Jane Eden's beautiful 2D Cat sets sold at!  I just add shadows!
The floor lamp came with Poser 7 (from The Pad) with FK materials on it.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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