These pages are where I share my tips, tricks and experiments
with Poser 2014 & Photoshop!
BELOW~! Texture transformer and render settings.

This first page grew into more and more "wip" tips and tricks pages~
Sorry for the fact that both Poser and Photoshop tips are mixed together...
I just add tips/tricks as I learn to create them in my own work flow using these programs.

Create a shadow
for an object or character in Photoshop
Use my FREE Photoshop action, OR NEW! Follow my HOW to Create A Shadow Yourself!

Page 12 Dynamic clothing tricks~
Need clothing clutter of clothes just strewn about in a poser scene?
How To - Using Dynamic clothes to lay clothes on a bed,
dropped on the floor, etc.! 

Page 11
Creating NICE lens flares in Photoshop!

Page 10 Showing how I create fur on a black Gorilla

page 2 showing my experiment in creating a 3D image!!

M4's handsome characater Edinburgh by Danae Texture Transformed to Dusk

Learning to "constrain" dynamic cloth! (so a blanket won't fall on the floor)


A new way to "paint" hair on a 3D figure, using Eye Candy 4K filter: "swirl"!

The Reason for Post Work
Just like special effects in should not notice it...
Post work/painting should just make your art look better! :)

Creating a "light bulb" in Poser! Turn on area lighting, light from a lamp, etc. with
Ambient Light from a simple ball prop!


Using EZSkin2 to get even more shine and SSS without causing the skin to become too light!
My own EZSkin2 settings for Dawn skins.

Still Learning!
With careful tests, I lowered the Pixel Samples to 11-14, which is still
a very high rez setting, but turns out 20 is overkill. I also feel that this set of Render Settings is ONLY
necessary for close up people faces/portraits!  This and "ticking" the IDL (Indirect Light) can slow render
times down a LOT.   A "high end" (ie: plenty of ram!) machine is required!

Interesting Note! I went back and re-rendered AM Daetix (below) with the new settings, and aside
 from IDL being a nice added detail, this texture is so FINE, there was no difference in brows, etc!

A Nice way to transfer SSS to a Texture Transformed V4-Dawn!
Takes more work, but I love the results!

This texture by Mona (

Manual map transfer Experiment

Just to see if I could!  I made copies of the eyes/brows, and the lower nose/mouth...pasted
Then I used the warp tool to forced those layers to the shape of Dusk's features,
blended nose holes, cloned and erased edges of area layered parts...
Dusk's ears are ATTACHED to the face map, so I had to bring the M4 Jack ears over.
As I said, there are NO morphs dialed in, on Dusk's face...this was just a test to see if it's
worth continuing with. Until there is a real TT version for M4-Dusk, I think I can do this for
my own personal use.  :)

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