for those who have Posers below P11 download EZSkin2:

How I helped EZ skin from causing skins to go "too light" with the application of adding
SSS... some skins are just not "as shiny" as I'd like... so I ramp up the SSS and specular as
shown, then I increase the S (saturation). So far this has worked well for both a lady of color
and a Caucasian lady as well! yay!  See below for a before and after...

IMPORTANT!  H is 'hue', S is 'saturation' and V is the value - light/dark. I would not touch any but
Saturation to keep the skin-tone as close to the original as possible.

This may look lighter, but to me, the adding MORE spec and SSS made the skin tone shine-
have a golden glow, instead of a more 'matt finish'....and also in my opinion, SSS shine
helps the render look more "3d". 

This is Alisha for Dawn... she does come with SSS, but for some reason
it was not working for me, so EZSkin2 helped me.

UPDATE!  for a lighter skin figure (Caucasian) I turn the S up to 115 or even 120...
this helps offset the 'washing out' or lightening of skin colors.

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