This assumes you have two layers- the bottom layer, under your image layer can be black or white.
Since my image is darker, I chose a white "background" layer color.  Then I went to "Window" in
Photoshop to select BRUSHES to get this extended pallet options for my brushes. I started with a
Preset HARD brush of 32 for my particular image size, then by experimenting, I found the brush
spacing of 150% gave me the SPACING between "dots" that I wanted. I lined up the top row,
Then held down the shift key to force the brush to continue in a straight line, stopping short of the
edge. Then I went to the left side, BE SURE TO CLICK ONCE to erase one "dot" or you will get
a slanted line of cut outs from where you last stopped your brush. Now, press shift again and go
down the side. Repeate for all 4 sides, and now you have your STAMP EDGE!  All you need to do
now is decide what WORDS AND NUMBERS to make your stamp look "real" ...
I'm thinking of making my stamps for HIVEWIRE3D for my "country"! 
But make your stamp "yours" - just have FUN and be creative! 

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