This is a 3D experiment with a Poser 2014 image!
Use red-blue 3d Glasses to view!

I created a 3D image, with the help of my talented friend George Gregory!
First, he took me step by step to create this red-blue (3d glasses type) image
with my Geisha Dawn test render...and showed me that if I moved the top layer
to the right or to the left, the image would either pop forward or recede backward! Wow!

I had hoped to put instructions for this first step, but with my
frustrating dyslexia, I have already gotten confused and forgot how.
It is NOT fun being dyslexic!! *sigh* (am in the process of asking George)
*stay tuned*
Anyway, then George took my final layered tiff and combined it with HIS OWN 3d photo
to add a background! (this version is cropped and reduced in size for sharing here).

and yes, I miss-spelled Geisha...ever the dyslexic, sorry!
and no, there will not be "how to" for combining the single 3d figure
into a background, it's NOT simple and with a particular vision problem
I have, I can't take the risk of going into that, wearing 3d glasses THAT long.
But this was super fun!

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