Walk On The Wild Side
Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved

I felt this was a great companion set to my Wild Neon Nights
created with Dawn SR1 and my wild cat! :)

HiveWire's Dawn SE (out of the box) plus Chris's marvelous dials,
like partial brow up to give her the arched brow expression,
and to shape her wonderful mouth!
I did darken her skin after adding even more sheen via EZSkin!

Minyassa Soul Window Eyes from HiveWire

Her hair is OOT's Christina hair (Rendo)

necklace/pendant are Fabi's LeafLife2 (HW) for Dawn while
her matching ring is from Fabi's Sophia set. (Rendo)

Skirt is 3d-Age's Hot South III and Enjoy Summer III top
with renapd's texture (I darkened the base skirt to black and
enhanced the stitching. It's button is reshaped because the skirt
was Xdressed to Dawn, while the top was just 'set onto' her). (Rendo)

Lilly High Heel shoes by hitman47 (Rendo)

Dawn's Pose is from ilona's Super Sexy poses for Dawn (Rendo)

HW Big Cat - Lion - White Lion fur by CWRW
Pose is from Base poses Main, Tail and edge of cat brushed
out via post work in Photoshop.

Backdrop/floor/barstool is Sveva's Neon Nights quick set
IDL lighting gives the great neon glow! (Rendo)

HiveWire's LisaB's Potted Palm
with Fabi's pottery materials on Lisa's pot (Rendo)

all Floor reflections were done in post work.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop


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