Who Is That Terror In The Mirror?
Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

The HiveWire Leopard Cub with the stranger he just encountered!
I did brush out the tip of the cub's tail... I also turned the fur-bump down
a bit to soften the cub's coat...

Wanting to do something different, I got the idea of how all kittens react on first
encountering their reflections in a mirror. I used Fabiana's Sage Babylon floor/walls
to build the 'room' for her Essentials Vol. IV-Glass&Mirror set. It's quite a challenge
to place items 'in the room' to reflect properly what is 'behind the cub'!  Lighting is also
a challenge. I placed the lights high up and toward the cub...and once I applied her 'etched
mirror' surface design on the mirror plane I got this wonderful reflection!  It took me a while
to get the cub's pose right, as each paw and toe had to be placed just so, both on the floor and
"against" the mirror surface! But I do love a challenge!  I also used Fabi's Essentials Vol. XI Pottery
for the materials on both pots. (one pot is from her The Sea set, and one is an RDNA pot)

I placed LisaB's gorgeous Hydrangeas in one pot, and her Asiatic Lilly in the other. The Asiatic Lily
flowers have "Jungle Heat" texture add on from NA at HiveWire. It was also quite a job to get the
Lilly leaves layered in - because they stuck through the pot- so I had to make them invisible, place the
blooms on their stems in the pot, render those separately too, so I could have layers to put the leaves
in front and behind the flowers.... a lot of work, but I'm pleased with how it all turned out.  :)

Lully's Cuddler chair (and cushion) help fill in the room reflected. I used the add on Summer
material set also. (The chair has three morphing cushions- I chose to place one on the floor.)

A nice finishing touch are Glitterati's  cat toy-balls. The ball freebie can be found via the Hivewire Forum.

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