White On White
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I had in mind a 'semi-pinup' idea, and was going to use some lovely lace
materials for this lady's jumper...but I fell in love with all the white satins...

It took hours and hours to get every single part of body, feet, kittens, etc. to be
placed very flat exactly on the floor (Yes, I'm a perfectionist).... this also took a
very long time to finish, being interrupted by a nasty IBS/Fibro "flu" attack, that
put me right down flat for several days... so finally... it's done!


Dawn as Soraka by Enchanted Forest dialed 50% (Rendo but sadly no longer available)
Soul Windows eye color by Minyassa (HW)
Pen's Free Elf ears for Dawn dialed a little (ShareCG)
Dynamic Jumper by Lully (default texture) (HW)
Una Hair by OOT (was at DAZ's Poser Content, but seems to be unavailable!?)
Jewelry by Fabi (HW & Rendo)
Pose started from DM's Pretty Dawn, (Rendo) then changed a lot by me.

HW Kitten- with tabby coat lightened by me to make more of a "silver tabby" coloring,
coat brushed out around edged by me. Daio's Home Life Poses (HW)

LisaB's Tulips with NapalmArsenal's new Pastel Tulip texture add-on (HW)
Vase by Exnem from vase set. (Rendo)

Cuddler Cushions (with Jumper material applied) & Drapery (default texture) by Lully (HW),
in a room created by using Fabi's Essential Mirror/glass panes & baseboards
(materials tweaked by me) 'cause I wanted a white reflective floor & wall...(Rendo)

Lighting by Fabi, tweaked by me. (Rendo)

BG behind drapes is from Photo Backgrounds: Mediterranean Beach Vistas
by ShaaraMuse3D, HWW0 (Rendo)

Ken's Western Gulls flying by. (HW)

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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