What's For Dinner?
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I love lizards, so I was thrilled when Songbird remix Ken Gilliland came out with his new sets-
Nature's Wonders Lizards, and Nature's Wonders Lizards-volume 1. This lizard is generally called
a Western Fence Lizard, but growing up I simply called this lizard a "blue belly lizard". In this scene
he has caught Ken's moth the: Crimson Speckled Flunky from Moths of the World, volume 2.
While this moth may not be accurate for this lizard or region, I chose it because 1. It's a day flying moth
and 2. It's colorful! :-)  High above the lizard and his dinner, flies Songbird remix Ken's Golden Eagle…
So who is going to have whom for dinner? (However the Blue Belly is so well camouflaged, I think he's safe!)

The rock is from RDNA's rock props package from long time ago. I think I did more post on the rock in this
image than anything else, because this was such an old prop/texture map set.

Around the rock I added my current favorite flower of LisaB's, her: Saliva plant/blossoms.

Last but not least I used PhotoG
G's sky set:  Blue Skies beyond the Clouds, found at HiveWire.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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