The Royal Wedding Reception
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Credits for individual characters are on their Larger - Original-close-up images.
Queen & King Greeting
Dwarven Farmer Clan
Diamond Mining Clan
KittyTaurs Clan

 AppleJack's Hall (Rendo) but with all new textures tweaked,
 and applied...I messed about until I got the 'marble' for the
columns, and I used the new flooring from a poser set of materials
by Atenais (Rendo).  I post-work laid in all reflections and shadows.

Otherwise, all are HW's Dawn, Big Cat,
and the incredibly fantastic HiveWire Horse by Chris, Paul and Laurie!
The clothing for Dawn is from HW. Lully's dress for Dawn for the bride.
Fabi's V4 Celtic circlet and (converted by me) "V4 swirl" bracers on bride
"Droplets jewelry" for Dawn...various hairs...

The Kirin Guard stands ever vigilant...
The Kirin Guard Clan

HW Horse with Sparky's Kirin creature...Outfit- Dragon Spirit by Ile-Avelon from HW
her blanket is the same veil the bride wears, but with the dragon spirit shirt texture
applied, it just fell perfectly on the "blanket"!! Bag is from the Cat Saddle from Rendo.
Dawn's character is from Virtual World's Faces of Asia, with OOT hair.

Various Props for the gifts at the Queen's feet, her staff is one I chose
-can't remember all those credits at this point...sorry.

Piccolo dragon by Arki from the now closed RDNA

The winged dog-pup is: "Skywing" a very nice 3D model
by Stephen Meakin (steve100) - Renderosity Free Stuff

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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