Preparation For The Royal Wedding
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I'm working on a story poem that would go with this...about all the various clans
coming together to celebrate the royal wedding. I also need to compile more
specific credits, but with another plumbing leak and re-piping parts of my
home, I'm a bit in overload...will try and do the credits later on when I have the
energy - when I'm up to it. I also just need to "play" and make a part 2
with new guests (more types of centaurs!) arriving at the gathering...

I will say this is AppleJack's Hall (Rendo) but with all new textures
tweaked, and applied...I messed about until I got the 'marble' for the
columns, and I used the new flooring from a poser set of materials
by Atenais (Rendo). Otherwise, all are HW's Dawn, Big Dog, Big Cat,
and the incredibly fantastic HiveWire Horse by Chris, Paul and Laurie!
The clothing for Dawn is from HW. Lully's dress for Dawn for the bride.
(except hand-maiden's shirt - it's from Rendo)
Fabi's V4 Celtic circlet and (converted by me) "V4 swirl" bracers on bride
"Droplets jewelry" for Dawn...various hairs...

Piccolo dragon by Arki from the now closed RDNA
Goshen character, Leprechaun clothes and cat saddle from Rendo

The winged dog-pup is: "Skywing" a very nice 3D model
by Stephen Meakin (steve100) - Renderosity Free Stuff

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

CLOSE UP LINKS (for even larger detail art of each character)

The Princess & Her Handmaiden
The Kirin Guard Clan
The Dog Clan
The Leopard Rider Clan
Mini Dragons

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