Victorian Portrait
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Dawn SR2~SE and Dusk SE "out of the box"
Dawn wears both of Lully's Dynamic gowns- the Darcy dress & Anarkali dress, (HW)
combined in such a way to give me the more Victorian look...this was a challenge to say the least!
I used the Vintage Floral Prints for her dress. Her hair is Goldtassel's Twyla hair @ DAZ- which
is the closest I could find for the "Darcy era Look". Her necklace is Lully's IHeartYou ribbon,
with Svevea's 2d cameo added via post work.  Her shoes are the "flats" for Dawn (Rendo).
Her pose started out with Island Girl's Dawn's Chair time, then changed to work with chair.

Dusk wears the old David3's Country Courtier outfit (was at RDNA, now at DAZ)-
fitted with Cross Dresser (in this case the pants worked WELL with Cross Dresser!)
But with lots of post to bring the coat's collar up, add more body to the cravat, and
Lully's so perfect Velvet materials! His shoes are the HW Universal Boots, with
parrotdophins black shiny material applied. His hair is SAV's Marina hair- so perfect
for the look of Mr. Darcy...again, I looked up Darcy era men's hairstyles on Google,
and found the most famous TV movie Mr. Darcy...Dusk looks VERY much like him!
His vest has a brocade material from parrotdolphin's Poser Floral Materials!
His Pose is mine.

Lully's Drapery with parrotdolphin's linen material, The Study's chair, table, lamp
and Grandfather clock from DAZ. Rug is Fabiana's perfection of a Berber rug.

Kittens and Cat are JaneEden's 2D cats added in Post. (Rendo)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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