Urban Camouflage
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Urban Camouflage

Too often we can not see both beauty and need,
So both are left to deteriorate, but I'm here to plead,
To the powers in charge, so often blinded by greed,
Get off your butts, help returning soldiers succeed,
And while you're at it, take time to notice the beauty beyond the weeds!
~Lyne's Creations                                            

Dusk (base skin, Rodrigo morph) Dusk: Skinny jeans, Tank top, & combat boots,
colors changed by me in post. Tank top material by parrotdolphin.
Baseball cap OLD prop from DAZ.
Cigarette with smoke via a filter, (hand posed by me) & Cigarette butts from Sveva's Coffee Shop Prop set,
texture changed by me.  Dusk's necklace (resized and parented) cord/beads is from the
Dawn LeafLife2 set by Fabi, and the cross on it is from her Tyllo jewelry set for men.

Noggin's butterflies.

While I added a leafy tree branch, and weed in lower right side, the whole of the background
is from the upcoming HW mini pack of backgrounds called "Urban Nature" MiniPak by PhotoGG
NOTE: I did make the original taller by adding more of 'it's' ground and the old water tank to top and bottom.

  My "graffiti signature" was fun to make by using Photoshop's 'text outline' tool and copying part of the tank art!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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