Unlikely Friends

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(see below for Separate Portrait Images of each "centaur" character)

Portrait of just the Kirin Centaur

Portrait of just the Caracal Cat Centaur

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Kirin Centaur:
Kirin Morph/Map by Sparky for the HiveWire Horse
with Elisa for DAWN wearing her bikini top - all from HiveWire
Fawn Hair by propschick

Ken Gilliland Australian Lyrebird, and other exotic birds from his sets

Ron's bird brushes for distant birds of prey

Caracal Cat Centaur:
amelie for V4 by Silver
kaleia guardian texture for Seraph top by Rhiannon
Bridget Hair from RDNA by LittleFox and
Caracal Cat morph & map from my Wild Cats for the DAZ mil house cat

Realm of Kings backgrounds by Sveva

Poser 9 & Photoshop
Perfect V4 morphs by Xameva, meipe
Lights by Fabiana (always MeterHigh, Mild Boreal or Warm&Soul)
(I tweak the lights to suit, as well as any pose I use.)