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My own special buddy lent his fur, via his photos, for the 3D Poser3 feline in this image.  His fur
was applied right in Bryce3. (Space Cat, with his fur, was created right in Poser 3, and exported into
Bryce as a tiff.)The Unicorn's coat started out as a plain white horse coat, but that was boring, so I added
a rainbow glow with a layer of color in Photoshop. The Unicorn's horn is a Bryce object - stacked rings
with a cone on top! Her main is a lattice object.  Later, Photoshop5 allowed me to enhance the scene.
The grass was created by adding noise, and then a motion blur to 'grow it'! I 'brushed out' the Unicorn's
main, tail and forelock, and lastly, add the frame. I wonder what the cat is asking the Unicorn for?
A favor, perhaps?

I received the answer from a kind gentleman -

     First of all it should be noted this is not just any cat. This is Pendella the Purrfect
also known as Orc Slayer. Pendella is one of the thirteen. If you are familiar with the
teachings of Fritz Leiber then you know each species (except humans that is) has a council
of  thirteen who are chartered with protecting their folk from all enemies... magical.
Pendella is a very old cat and was elected to the council over three thousand
years ago after defeating Garon Bone Spliter. This vile orc had a taste for kittens.
Pendella put an end to Garon's feline culinary pursuits by scratching his
eyes out and sending him over a cliff.

  I recognized Pendella immediately since I had the good fortune to meet
her recently in a field in Rhode Island. My own three cats had told me
of her pursuits and accurately described what can only be described as a
amber aura she exudes when in the presence of true cat lovers. She was
gracious enough to spend the afternoon with me and share some of her
many exploits. She told me of the meeting with the unicorn (although
I've forgotten the Mare's name) and that this sweet creature had given
her the Charm of Making. That is the secret they are sharing.
Regards, A. A. Roberts
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