or: Where Are My Spots Going!?

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You never know what can happen on a Halloween night!
This is a "happy accident" idea when I was fooling around with putting
the tabby coat on the big cat!  NO post but adding shadows and assembly.

HiveWire House Cat wearing the Leopard coat &
HiveWire Big Cat wearing the House cat's tabby coat!

Poses by CG Cubed (Paul), then tweaked by me. The poses for both cats
are interchangeable also! What a great gift from their creators!

Songbird Remix Ken's Great Horned Owl from his updated Owls of the World

Songbird Remix Ken's Decorated Beauty Moth from Moths of the World Vol. 2

Background from Autumn Breezes by Bez (Rendo)

 Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop


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