First Domesticated Dogs?
Lyne's Creations Copyright July 2004  All Rights Reserved


My second time to use the DAZ importer to help me get figures into Bryce! :) I love it! There is quite a bit of post, by using the Bryce mask render to have the figures on a different layer for "hair brushing", and to add a suggestion of plants in the background. Mystical Lighting to really make the fire-light look right. I thought my African Wild Dogs might be the first domestic dogs waaay back in some fantasy time here! :) Props Club camp fire, Rapartz tubes to make wood and pine cones on cave floor, upside down terrain for cave top! Oh yes & one of my poor little gazelles as dinner brought home by the make Trog. (Trogs are DAZ Freak and V3 morphs/maps, and Wild dogs are morphs of the P4 Wolf!)