Backyard Practice
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This one took a lot of time as you might be able to tell from the amount of credits!
I learned a lot with this...for example, I used Eye Candy 4K's Motion Trail on a
duplicate of Dawn and horse, placed it behind the original layer, lowering the opacity
and erasing selectively to get some motion effect. Dust was created with Eye Candy 4k's
"smoke" filter, photoshop's noise and cloning some "dirt clogs" with a brush.

Dawn SR2 with "FR Jordan for Dawn" by Freja (Rendo)
Wearing the shorts from OOT's "Dawn's MEGA Wardrobe" (Rendo)
The dynamic Fringe Top is by Frequency (Rendo)
Her hair is Fabiana's Divine Hair with fit for Dawn (Rendo)
Her pose is by me ~
I enabled IK on Dawn's feet so I could grab her hip and lower her
position to make her "hold rein one handed pose" work with the reins.

Harry the HiveWire Horse as an Arabian (part Breed and part my dialing)
wearing the "Cream Drought" Palomino coloring from
CWRW Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 1 (HW)
CWRW's Mane & Tail pack (2d) post worked to suit
Harry wears his new "Classic Tack" Saddle & Bridle from HW
adjusted & post worked to suit (ie: I changed the dial numbers to allow the reins to lengthen more)

Flink's Ultimate ground wearing LisaB's Simmering Summer ground texture
(post worked for coloring to match background) with
 Flink's grass & XFrog's billboard flowers to blend into the background
Fence with snow removed (via the texture) is from
the Easy Environments - Winter by Flipmode (DAZ)
Background is Country Time by Sevea (Rendo)

Crows were creating using Ken
Gilliland's FLOCK formation birds (HW)
Gilliland's Bald Eagle (HW)

Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
post worked for action blur and dust in Photshop

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