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Star Trek Dioramas
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Ten Forward
The big room on the Next Gen Enterprise was great for parties! Everyone is
in attendance,  even Woopi Goldburg as "Guinan"!  Note that Data has his violin!

                                  COWBOY DATA
The Next Generation's Western adventures... a good friend of mine fashioned the cowboy hat. I made the gun belt out of felt, and placed tiny gun "charms" inside it..


                               DATA'S FAMILY
Here is Data with his creator/father, and his "evil" brother!


When I found this "real" doll house desk and chair, I just had to create
Picard's Dixon Hill holodeck room!


                                                              WORF'S QUARTERS
The mini figures work great for Alexander's toys!! Shield is an old button, as is the "cake" on the table. I fashioned the couch and chair from cardboard, cotton for padding, inside scrap material.

                                                                                      STAR TREK VOYAGER
What better room to have all the Voyager crew gather in, than the mess hall? Neelix is busy over his stove top, whipping up his various alien messes! This is the first season of Voyager, so Kess is still here, and Janeway's hair is still in a bun! Thankfully, the Doc does have his holo-emitter so he can join the gang here. Later I found Seven of Nine, and had to add her. I understand there is a possibility of Kess's return in an upcoming episode!
PS... well, Kess did return...that was a weird one! And now Voyager will be in it's 7th and last year....