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Star Trek Dioramas

Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager Dioramas
built with boxes, shelf paper, cut outs and anything I could
find around the house to reproduce the rooms of the various Trek
worlds for my action figures. Created many years ago, at the very
beginning of the home computer age. Photographed with my
"film" camera, then scanned in. I had these up on a "geo-web"
for years after that.... and finally put back up here on my own web,
for your enjoyment and/or laughter!    :)


                                     THE OBSERVATION ROOM
I think this room came out well, in spite of the fact that these action figures can't sit down very well! The beautiful wood table and chairs were designed by Maxscene's Designs. I designed a computer face for the right wall. All windows are cut out, with the action figure's plastic cover used for the "glass" with sections off the packaging for the space scenes outside the window!

                                                THE READY ROOM
This was a bit of a challenge with Picard's fish tank, (couldn't find the right picture of a lion fish!), the tall narrow window, and the inset area of the food replicator! I went to work with my small exacta knife, and a lot of tape.. and I am pretty pleased with the results! Picard's desk is part of a round oatmeal cereal box. His table setting is 'real' doll house items. The little book shelf and book (can't see the title of the book, but it's 'SHIPS'!) are doll house items, also. A good friend designed the alien flowering plant. There is another book on Picard's dining table, in the photo of his quarters. It's title is H.G. Wells!

                                                PICARD'S QUARTERS
Before there was a "Dr. Crusher" figure that could sit down, I had to carve her jacket away, so she could sit. The little cushions help hide that fact! :) The cushions are cotton balls wrapped in fabric. The table and chair are 'real' doll house furniture - which is the same scale as the action figures. Picard sits on a bed made from the cardboard box that checks come in. He wears 'real' doll house pajamas, and slippers, and holds his cup of Earl Gray tea. Behind the Captain, and behind Beverly, on the walls, are trading card 'paintings', framed in gum wrapper foil.

                                                DEANNA'S QUARTERS
Before there was a Playmates Luwaxana doll, I used a Deanna doll, and added very fine wool for her hair. I wound some pretty metallic material around her for her dress. Deanna's slippers, towel, tooth brush (barely visible on the dresser), comb, mirror, and tiny bead perfume bottles are all 'real' doll house items. I constructed her bed and night stand from cardboard, covered with material.

                                                      DATA'S QUARTERS
Data contemplates his painting, as he strives for expression... His cat has knocked over the bowel on the little table behind him... Data's desk is made from those handy check boxes, with some computer faces that I drew up, in the computer, printed onto labels, and stuck on. His easel is made out of stiff hobby wire, glued together. I was able to get a 'real' doll house box of oil paints, and a real (so tiny!) sable paint brush for him to hold.  The "alien plants" are made from bits and pieces of artificial flowers.

                                             SHERLOCK HOLMES DATA
There are a lot of 'real' doll house items here - the fireplace, fireplace tools, silk plants, the painting, Data's chair, rug, table and hurricane lamp. I made the fire with PC Paintbrush on the computer, as well as the face of the clock, and books in the book cases. The clock is a tiny match box top and inner part, pulled open. The book cases are thin boxes. I would print the pictures of the books, fire, clock, etc.. onto disk labels, and then stick them onto the boxes. The wall paper (I know it is hard to see) is real stripped wall paper. A good friend of mine made Data's cape and cap. She also made the tall candles (hard to see) out of toothpicks and earring backs. Data holds a 'real' pipe and magnifying glass, as he studies on the problem at hand. Deanna's dress is a larger doll's sweater, and a bit of lace. She holds a lace fan. Of coarse there are cats all over the place, as seen in one of the episodes! Dr. Crusher is wrapped up in lace, with a "real" doll house hat.

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