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Nicki our new family member - Sept./Oct. 2005

Nick is one year old, and came a long way to us, via a Kingman, AZ shelter!
He was taken in from there to the fantastic Helen Woodward Animal Center
for adoption. He had been there two weeks when we came in to find a friend
for our poor old Travis - who was STILL missing his "brother" Clancy after a year!
Helen Woodward is a "no kill" shelter as well as much more. Do visit the web site!

*Nickie Memorial*

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which you can find via THIS LINK of a new series of pages!

3. And even more new photos in this new section! :)
      Funny I don't see how much bigger and more mature Nick is till I look back!

4. Nick Only Newest section (only child now...)

Jan. 2014 - Nickie's new "apartment!

There is a new Cat in Town!


Sept. was a rough month, because Nick caught a "feline-shelter cold" and gave it to
Travis... and Travis, being 16 years old had a tough time fighting it. Gave us a bit of
a scare, but I kept the cat "nursing" up - none stop, even resorting to putting Travis
in the bathroom for his "humidifier treatments" twice a day. That was the turning
point, as the cold had settled in his sinuses. (Nick fought the cold that had gone to his
nose and lungs, really well, being young and strong.) Both were on antibiotics for a few
weeks. Travis and Nicki are well now, but for finishing up with Nick's ear mites. I am also
recovering from much more physical activity/work than my "Fibromyalgia body" normally
can take, but it was worth it.

Let me be very clear- the Helen Woodward center is immaculate and the animals are healthy,
but with the fact they will take in animals from several other states, brings in some illnesses.
It can't be helped. Both the  shelters tested Nick for the feline illnesses that are deadly and were
 gave shots, and were treating his stubborn ear mites. He had not one flea on him! :) If and when
we need another cat we will go back there for sure! (Nick was not sneezing when we met him,
it must have been incubating from the stressful truck trip from AZ.)

When we met Nick in the meeting room he was so utterly curious, loving and sweet,
we knew he was just perfect! And he is... even if he is actually part Tarzan, Superman and
Einstein all rolled into one!! He truly is athletic, super smart, curious and way too strong! (trying
to put ear drops in...uh!!)...and he has jumped up and gone "tightrope walking" on the drapery
rods at ceiling level...and so many other things too much to tell...all while "getting well" too!!

I finally felt well enough to get some photos and we have bought him some toys to try and both
challenge and entertain him, as Travis is happy for company but not into playing. Of course I
 spend a lot of time with both boys in our kitchen/family "cat room" too.

November/December update:  Nicki still is plagued by diarrhea for some unknown reason, so
we took him to the vet for a major blood panel. When he was handed off to the vet tech, in
his carrier, we could tell he thought he was being taken back to the shelter! He fought them
tooth and nail.... and came back out covered in alcohol on his back legs and chest....I hate
to think what a time they had to get the blood.... Nicki came home and flopped down on "his"
soft kitchen throw rug (where he first came into our house and "landed") and probably was
VERY grateful to be HOME! Poor little guy.... Next day the blood work came back FINE!
I then switched him to the Feline id (for sensitive stomachs) that Travis must eat (and that
was really too much for me to try and keep Travis from eating Nicki's Feline ZD (it made
Travis vomit).  He seemed to get better, more "shaped" stools, but will still occasionally
have diarrhea.... we are just going to wait a month or two and see if one food and time will
solve this problem. He IS growing, and is also much better on the "id" food (Science Diet).
He plays very wildly, and acts normal in every other way!  We sure love him dearly! He and
Travis are not perfect, but okay together. I make sure that Travis knows he is my Alpha boy.

March 2006 Update: Nickie is really settling in, though he is a wild climbing child! He will go
up on the kitchen countertop, to the top of the microwave and then up to the top of the
kitchen cupboards to prowl back and forth, lounge on the top of the fridge OR his favorite:
tightrope walking on our double rod drapery rods at 7+ feet up! He puts one set of feet on
each rod and walks so carefully to the end...what is at the end? A wall clock he tries to reach
out to and stand on! At that point I warn him and he begins the arduous journey of backing
up all the way (double sliding glass door wide drapes!) to the top of the cupboards! At this
point in time he is board of this, and wants to get to the top of the OTHER glass door drapes
but there is no access - so he has tried to climb the curtains grexing all the while that there
is no easy access! I yell at him, and I have a cat tree on order, to give him his required way
up there!  :)  He does not rule the house or nothing!  ;) 

He and Travis are much better now but poor Trav is really too old to play now.  
We are fortunate that Nickie treats him with such respect and gentleness. He only licks him too long
sometimes and Travis lets him know, but on the whole they do well.  Travis is getting "ancient"
I call it...fairly healthy but getting slower and slower and slower almost by days it seems. He has a
raspy but still loud voice, a huge purr, and is doing his best to stay with us. I PRAY he will go quietly
in his sleep when the time comes. I have already taken two old fellows to the vet, and I just don't want
to do that again. We do grow them old... Pumpkin was 20, Clancy was 18, and now Travis is about 17!
 He has bent feet-legs, goes slow, uses all the chairs I strategically place for him to get up on the
couch with me.....He is my dear dear boy...known through out the 3d poser world because I took his
fur and made texture maps for the poser cats...his travels are many and diverse.  :)

Following are many photos of both Travis & Nick - he is micro chipped Nick  and we call him
Nicki now.   Actually I call him Nicki, Nick Nick or Nickers, Nickerbocker... so far too! LOL!


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