Travis Love
Lyne's Creations copyright July 2004  All Rights Reserved


Rapartz Tubes helped me fill the poser prop basket with flowers. RDNA hummingbird & CMS Butterfly, with the mil cat dressed in my Freebie Travis tabby cat texture. I originally made this as a Mother's Day card, then I took the words off and decided to share it with everyone, HOWEVER this image is extremely special to me, so please do not take it for any use other than for your desktop wall paper. Thank you. Travis is the most devoted cat I have ever had the privilege of having in my life!  He would lay on my lap 24/7 with only food, water and cat box breaks if I let him! :) I have called him "cuddle bucket", fluff bucket, Travis two shoes, Travy long tail..& more! He "blinks" his love to me, looking directly into my face.... Naahhh I don't love this kid much! ;)
P4 render, layers and post with photoshop (fur edge brushing) and PSP 8 for tubes.