The Delicate Art of Dealing with (water-packed) Tofu

Tofu is one of the best foods on earth (in my opinion). Protein rich, a great source of Calcium and packed with "anti-oxidants" it's very good for you...BUT at best, it does not have much flavor, and at worst, you can open a pack of this type of Tofu and it will smell off, or a bit strong...worst case it can actually smell fermented!  TOSS any Tofu that smells that way!)  Water packed Tofu is a very fragile food, subject to contamination by even the most minute pin hole in the packaging, or odd happening in the packing process. Get packs with a LONG date on them, and ALWAYS DO THE SMELL TEST! Tofu should smell very lightly of a mild freshness - like a new plant (perhaps the soy bean sprout smell?). Then you know you are starting with the best... and TOFU TAKES ON THE FLAVOR OF THE FOODS IT IS USED IN!  So either marinate it in sauces, or place it to chill in the foods you want to use it in!  I use Tofu to make a "Flan"!

About my Tofu meals... I take the “Tofu brick” out of it’s pack, slicing the “rind” off all outer surfaces, then place in a glass storage dish submerged in bottled water...after I have cut the brick into 4 strips. Then seal all this all with a very tight lid, freshening the water daily and keeping it very cold in my fridge.

IMPORTANT! Pour out the water in the tofu container and replace with fresh once a day, or at least every other day (you can see if the water is getting cloudy, that's the signal to replace it with fresh water)


Each “Tofu Flan” (see the picture above) is made up in advance of my meal time so it can chill in the fridge. I make my “flan” by taking one of those tofu wedges, and slicing it into many little rectangles, and layering over my prepared “syrup bread”… made by flooding a dinner plate with watered down Aunt Jemima Lite syrup, and laying on 8 slices of my bread, which is then smashed/smooshed into a soft bed. It sounds weird, but is actually quite tasty! Tofu takes up the taste of anything it is combined with. It’s very creamy. Making this is like having desert twice a day!
(I can’t eat the Tofu in a box, it’s too oily or fatty for my intestines, which is why the water packed is so important!)

I love baking my own bread (in TWO bread machines at once!) At one point, I have to take the dough out, remove the paddle, reshape the dough into a ball, place it back in the pan, in the machine, then let it go on to rise and bake...handling dough that is warm is somehow quite soothing! I make my own bread that is about as pure as it can be, and with my diet I eat almost a whole loaf a day. (they are smallish). My bread is made of flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar– that’s it! Still it is light and tasty to either eat plain with bits of fresh tender steamed chicken breast meat, or even with some of my plain rock candy...eaten with the candy results in the bread tasting like a turnover! Don’t ask me why but it does! (I can’t have any sort of spreads at all).

My third meal is my steam cooked chicken meat. I made up a very simple double boiler with TWO frying pans (one very large and deep, the other more like an omelet pan)… water in the bottom pan, glass lid over both...and STEAM! It’s very easy to clean up Teflon pans...but it is time consuming to make up chicken meat sliced thin, to layer onto the pan for quick steaming. (but then it’s already cut up ready to eat!). I eat fresh meat as long as is safe, freezing the rest for a “back up”. I eat chicken once a day, either with bread, or with the one kind of noodles my tummy will tolerate. (Fiber Free noodles are an oriental type that cook very soft in about 3 minutes, one pack will give me four meals).



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