Looking for the Perfect Shell
Copyright Lyne's Creations July 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

It all started with 3D Scenery: The High Coast by ShaaraMuse3D and
Photo Backgrounds: Mediterranean Beach Vistas by ShaaraMuse3D,  HolyWonderWorld
because it reminded me of some happy memories at the tidal pools in southern San Diego...
I did have to use "normals forward" on the terrains, and it was a challenge to place figures
down ON the surface - it's not where it appears to be in my poser scene file... Plus it took
a lot of work to "find" this view of the terrain, and then get the ocean water plane
just where it would show in the little 'tidal pool' holes.....but worth the work I think! 

I also imported the photo into poser so I could "color pick" for my lights from it!
I'm happy with the subtle coloring - first time I did that with my lighting in Poser!   :)

I added shells and starfish by Sveva and the
wonderful kelp and Anemones from
Sea Floor Pack 1 by LisaB

I tucked Noggins's Crab (DAZ) into the Kelp as well

Dawn is wearing her new Overalls for Dawn by Glitterati3D (that include the flip-flops!)
Her hair is Ali's HR 092, with color/texture by P3Dart from Rendo
I used Elisa skin by Maelwenn from HiveWire , but not sure which morph for her face, sorry!

And of course
Songbird Remix Ken's Pelican and Western Gulls to bring the scene to life!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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