Thundering Hooves
Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2002  All Rights Reserved

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I wanted to try my new Poser horse maps & poses in Bryce 4... and this is the
result! The dust is done post with Eye Candy 4000 - Smoke filter and a layer
mask in photoshop. The manes and tails are done with Eye Candy's Fur filter.

Please visit Let 'Em Run and find out how you can help save and protect
the Wild Horses of America! I bought the music album that contains songs all
about the mustang, - every track is wonderful!

  I am being asked how I made dust with the Smoke filter in Eye Candy 4000
Here is a mini tutorial:
   (Using Photoshop 5 layers & a Layer Mask)

With your finished render open in Photoshop (or other paint program with Eye Candy)
select the color of the "dirt" to have ready in your palette. Make a new layer for dust!
Then with the lasso tool set to feather by 2 pixels, select an area where you want the dust,
using the new empty layer.  FILL the area with 100% dirt color.  Next go into  your 
Eye Candy Smoke filter.  Now the fun part!  Experiment to make the "dust area"
smoky until you like the effect.  Then back on your smoke/dust layer, play with the layer
transparency, so you can see the legs through it. Next make a "Layer Mask" so you
can paint out areas of the dust/smoke until it looks right to you.  Using this method,
you can paint the dust away or paint it back in.. (like erasing and un-erasing areas)
When it looks right, flatten the layers. This is only a rough tut, I just invented this way
to make dust, and I cannot be sure I got all the steps in the right order! I hope it helps!
I found post a much easier way to create dust, smoke, etc., than trying to make spheres
do the job in Vue or Bryce.