Those Were The Days

Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2012  All Rights Reserved

Those Were The Days

Back in the nineteen twenties, life was not peaceful at all!
Those were days of tommy guns, wild women and alcohol,
When the government's experiment spawned illegal activities,
Allowing the evil ambitious to profit from people's proclivities!

The hub of this enterprise was the new city on the Atlantic,
Hotels and restaurants were built at a pace that was frantic,
On the surface amusements made the Boardwalk romantic,
While deep in the night smuggler's used every possible tactic.

Bobbed hair and short dresses were fashionable sights,
While sounds of "basement Jazz" filled the clubs at night,
Man waged a war behind the bright colorful neon lights,
Bootleggers clashed with government men in awful fights.

Those were days of impulsiveness and abandon,
When ruthless men fought to build up their fortune.
So no, night life wasn't peaceful and quiet back then,
Strange how humanity rebels every now and again.
~Lyne's Creations

(special thanks to my BEST friend for helping me
with my "social commentary" last stanza! ~ She
knows who she is! :)


FYI - that virus is still stubborn, the weather is affecting my FM badly
(like winter weather does for any arthritic condition)
and I have plumbing problems as well, life is NOT fun right now AT ALL,
but I take refuge in my creativity.