The Painter
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I was introduced to and came to adore "Hilda" from the 1950's
She was a little known pinup by Duane Bryers Hilda

Continuing MY fantasy take on her, I created this one! Mr. Bryers
loved adding a lot of little animals to his outdoor paintings of Hilda!

Dawn SE dialed to a pleasantly plump girl....just a tiny
bit of "chubby" and hand dialing on other body parts.
3D-Age's little top named: Enjoy Summer III for V4 (Rendo)
PLACED (not cross dressed, because the tie-ends vanished
when cross dresser did it!?) on Dawn. I turn shadows OFF
of each body part of the top so even if it's not exactly ON her
snuggly, it looks like it! Poser art is all about optical illusions!
It's always best to keep the original clothing figure when it has
so many great morphs for it!! All the positioning done with this
top was simply dialed in! :)  Her pose was done by me.

SAV's Marina Hair (Rendo)

She paints at an easel prop created by Sam's3D - a very very nicely crafted prop!
Her brush, tubes, pallet, and tubes of paint are from 2nd World's Artists Atelier
Prop set. (Rendo)  I could not get the paint on the pallet to look 3D in poser, so
I did a bevel and emboss on each glob. The paint on Hilda herself was done with
a photoshop "charcoal" brush after selecting the color off the paint globs.

Stool is a very old prop with Fabi's modified wood grain texture applied.

Harry the HiveWire horse (HW, and Rendo) with the Red Dunskin coat by CWRW (HW)

The new HiveWire dog (HW, and Rendo) with Flint-Hawk's new coat color (HW)
Pose was one of Pommerlis's Strut poses then modified by me (HW)

older DAZ squirrel by SilverKey with modified coat texture color by me.

Flink's Ultimate Ground with texture from Lully's Conservatory building set @ HiveWire
Flink's Flowers (Rendo)

Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's White Browed Scrub Robins and Golden Eagle
as well as several of his colorful Common Speckled Flunky Moths (HW)

Sky is from the Piles of Cotton set of skies by PhotoGG (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop


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