The Black
Lyne's Creations copyright July 2004  All Rights Reserved


Inspired by the movie The Black Stallion, with The Black running on the Beach (although I know the beach in the movie was rather barren, but I am taking artistic license! :)  I put this in Mixed Media, because while I took the beach cyclorama into Bryce 5, with the horse in place, I ended up combining 3 renders - one of the horse alone, one of the horse on the background (to keep the accurate Bryce shadow) and one with no anti-aliasing on the sand part.  I combined in photoshop, so the sand could stay rough, I could blur the background for distance, and then put the horse on a new layer to use Eye Candy 4000 for the fur filter on the mane and tail! Finally I used another layer to create the sand dust, with Eye Candy Smoke filter!  This is the Poser 4 horse, with the Freebie collaboration morphs to create an Arabian (I did reduce the size of the back hooves more- if you download the freebie, I apologize for leaving the back hooves a bit too large in scale). The horse is mapped with my black map from my P4 Horse Map/Morph set.