A Teeny Tiny  Friend
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A Teeny Tiny  Friend

There was a little towhead girl,
Who felt all alone in this world,
She often wandered far and wide,
When her brother pushed her aside.

And then she made a new discovery,
A small creature perhaps just as lonely,
Each one was curious about the other,
Smiling, she said: your cuter than my brother!

Sometimes it's just as good to have at hand,
Even a little teeny tiny friend... !
~Lyne's Creations                               

HW's Diva for Dawn, "Diva Play" clothes for her by Satira Capriccio.
Hair is Ali's HR-169 with hair texture "Touch-able 169" by Wolfie (Rendo)
(although I lightened the hair further in post & brushed ends out)

She's holding a juvenile Skink from Ken's Nature's Wonders- Lizards V1
Plus Ken's FLOCK bird-crows and a couple of his Red Wing Blackbirds too!

Flink's Ultimate Ground with LisaB's Simmering Summer texture (tint modified by me)
and "married" to PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton sky with trees/grass! I added a bush from
what was a freebie set by Angie W. called: Simple Backdrop png's from Rendo I think.
Grass clumps added (but sorry, can't remember who's... either RDNA or Flink)

Not sure where I got the red ants...My freebie cottontail bunny,
Freebie Field Mouse by J.Trout from Rendo, Noggin's butterflies

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

Please see the credits with live links under it HERE for where to get
Diva, her clothes, the wonderful lizard and PhotoGG's skies!
(No live links here, as I'm "FM sick" and exhausted from my oral surgeon consult, though
it was very successful and I like this doctor, his office staff, etc. He will be able to help me!)

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