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Tarzan was my FIRST hero during my tortured childhood, that I so needed  - to be "rescued"  from my situation.
It was he who swung in and swept me away! 
The new movie/actor to me, Alexander Skarsgard, is perfection for that long ago dream!
 And as a child I literally DID have many dreams of being rescued!

HiveWire's Dawn as Janet (Jane) by Virtual World wearing Lully's Jane top and dress.
I used Eye Candy 4K filter ?fur? to do her hair as no model hair I had really worked right.

Jungle Love poses by Pommerlis (HW)

Eros for M4 by SAV..... So SORRY, I feel like a "traitor" to Dusk,
but I had to use M4/Eros to go with my Dawn/ be movie accurate!

The neat thing is that the POSE for Dusk worked on M4, (with just adjustment on each finger) and
Dusk's Loincloth also conformed, and adjusted to fit the body morph I chose!  I used SAV's Mitchel hair.

I used the easy pose Jungle Vine from DAZ to place in his hand.  The background is a public domain image,
then last but never least, I added Ken's Fischer's LoveBirds and Small Elephant Hawk moths to bring the scene to life!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop
I did a tremendous amount of 'post work' on this image, and on M4. Want to see the Before?

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