Tarzangh and Jhanedi
(Tarzan of the East!)
Copyright Lyne's Creations 1999 All Rights Reserved
Poser/Tarzan figure created with Beth's Protomorphs!

  tarzanjanefinal.jpg (105042 bytes)

I started out with a photo of African looking trees...and put Tarzan and Jane in...
with a photo of a chimp.. but 'Cheeta' did not look right, nor did the photo
background mixed in with the 3D figures... and the elephant I was working on never
made it into the image...

Soon I dug up an old background from a dragon image I did years ago..
the very "aztecian" looking jungle steps... so I started working on a jaguar model...
with a title suggested to me at chat -Tarxan and Qanecotl- But then the jaguar's
spots would just not map onto the model and I gave up on him... thus the
tiger model was born... this tiger is the work of  FOUR people.. (grin!)...
a re-modeling of a house cat..the tiger skin...cat pose... and in he went..
Hubby's comment was that he MUST be in India now, because that is the only
jungle that tigers are in... but that is okay, since Tarzan is a fantasy figure anyway...

SO there you have it.. a very well traveled Tarzan!!
(His arms must be getting very tired by now!) .... LOL!!!  I have a
polar bear with penguins..and Tarzan with a tiger... oh oh.. I see a trend
here... a regular "rule breaker" I am!   ROFL!!!!
Note: Beth's Protomorphs (creating handsome men of various races),
is "heads above" the Poser 4 faces! Highly recommended!