Tango of the Tiger-Taurs
Copyright Lyne's Creations June 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved

Dawn (Elisa morph on Dawn SR1) and Dusk SE with the HW horse,
wearing the upcoming Kitty Kat's skins for Dawn and Dusk from Rae
and Rae's Kitty Ponies- Tigers. Tails and hair brushed out, via Post.
Horse poses done by me to match the
"Let's Dance Ballroom Poses"
for Dawn & Dusk
by Pommerlis.     All from HiveWire.

Dawn wears the top from Seraph by Rhiannon with a texture applied
to match her skirt - from School's Out OOT. Dusk wears a vest from Ken 1171's
The Adventurer, and a Sash from an old David 3 outfit, with Burlap material for
Poser by Atenais.      Both use the SAV Electra hair. (Rendo)

Songbird Remix Ken's Lyer bird and Eurasian Jays (HW)

Background is from Realm of Kings by
Sevea. I copied one
 of the pillars and placed it in front on either side to create more depth.
Both Shadows cast from the light in front and the "sky's light" were done with
 post work.  Ivy hanging from front pillars are freebie png's by Pewter7 (Rendo)

Distant raptors are from Ron's Bird Brushes (DAZ)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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