My 4 Beloved Boys:
Travis, Punkin & Clancy and NEW: Nicki
become Millennium Cat Textures!

Free at PlanIT3D!

Nicki cat is 2+ years old as of the posting of this freebie. He is my only boy
now that my other boys have gone on to become kitty angels. Nicki himself
is very hard to photograph, so I took my Travis texture, and removed the
white parts, replacing them with cream and the main coat texture to make
a brown tabby. Nicki can actually look either brown or gray depending on
the lighting! He has very green eyes.  He is my "best bud", curling up so
close to my chest, while on my lap, it is amazing- he is a cat that loves hugs!

"Punkin" cat lived to be 20 years old. He was a bit "dumb" but the sweetest loving boy!
Note: if you do not want an orange "chin" it's easy to change the map for your own use-
I tell how in the readme! Punkin was a medium long hair cat, he lost most of his tabby
stripes with age and his long hair. His coat got darker with age too, interestingly.

Travis Cat, my famous boy who has been a Poser cat map for YEARS, had a long
life of 17, when his health/tummy problems caught up with him and he aged very
fast. He is the ONE boy that remains my most precious bonded companion of my life.

Clancy Cat lived to be 18 years old and has just left us this year... he had a good life but we miss him!
He was a medium long hair cat, so that and the fact he was black made it a bit hard to map. He needs
a good brushing! ;)  He was a delicate cat with toe nails that always stuck out and clicked when he
walked no matter how I trimmed them. (which is why his nails are shown out here)

I have a lot of photos of my boys, but you take a quick look at each here:
Clancy      Punkin      Travis    Nicki

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Note, the old Poser cat freebies are on this page too, for the MIL CAT freebie maps
shown here, click on the corresponding pictures, similar to these renders. You will find
the thumbnail and download word links in the member's only forum freebie thread.

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