Discovering Me!

Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2013  All Rights Reserved

Discovering Me!

(I felt that sci fi - being it illustrates journeys of discovery,
would be nice for the art to go with this poem!)

For those of you kind enough to worry for me,
Taking time to try to help, telling me how to be,
Please know I'm traveling upon my own journey,
Of individual self realization as well as discovery.

I've overcome adversity since I was small,
Amazingly I've flourished in spite of it all,
I'm bright and witty, with the ability to love,
In spite of crap authorities tried to shove,

On my tiny shoulders, yet I held my own,
Still I have worked very hard and grown,
Grown in ways even to me unexpected,
In spite of my nature being so rejected.

Everyone has their own individual problems,
We can fall to old reactions, easily succumb,
It's very hard work to create a brand new rhythm,
Then practice new ways so our life can blossom.

Most know for every low in life, there is a high,
With every bright smile, there is also a sigh,
Without life's struggles we wouldn't ask why,
We would never look within to begin to identify,

Our own individual path and our own goals,
For the enlightenment of our very own soul.
Everyone must find their own individual way,
Ascertain what turns their dark night into day.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it,
All anyone needs is gentle encouragement,
As well as acceptance and acknowledgement,
So we can celebrate our own accomplishments.
~Lyne's Creations