Little Girl With the Flu

Lyne's Creations Copyright September 2012  All Rights Reserved

It's funny how writing a poem actually helps me get in touch with my feelings and PROCESS them... so by the time I got to the end of this poem, I addressed my feelings and felt better! (Getting a virus on top of FM is a bit much, as FM often feels like having the flu every day anyway!)

Little Girl with the Flu

With all the precautions that I go through,
You wouldn't think I'd come down with the flu.
Being ill on top of FM is so hard to bare,
I feel MORE alone, when no one is there.

It is not that I can't take care of it all,
It just brings up the desire to recall,
His warm, loving voice on the phone,
that made me feel a little less alone.

Thus there is a small trick that I employ,
I go back to my memories of that boy,
Giving encouragement and sympathy,
As I pretend he's still in my life with me.

I'm not sure doing this is good or bad,
But memories help, even if a bit sad.
And yes I do have a nice bit of reality,
My cat curled up right here beside me.

So I try to be  patient, as I wait it out,
Waiting to return to a bit better health,
But after being healthy for 2-3 years,
This does to tend to bring out my fears.

I know those fears are my inner child's,
And I need to remind her she's allowed,
To clearly express our emotions for us,
While I assure there's no reason to fuss.

I have plenty of ways to battle this thing,
Even our very own breathing machine!
I need to reassure her, as well as myself,
It's barely a week, this attack on our health!

So it's back to being a good little patient,
Drink lots of water, having more patience.
Still it's okay to be riled and fuss a little bit,
Because it's very inconvenient to be sick!
~Lyne's Creations

BountifulKnight's cloud skies by special commission

Poser 7, ton of post work in photoshop. I used BountifulKnight's clouds, layers of them and a moon
from another of his photos, cut to a quarter shape by me, and added stars using the Universe filter for photoshop!
 oh and I added a gradient to the sky... SO easy to work with his cloud photos!


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