Sole Survivor

    Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2015  All Rights Reserved

Dusk by Chris and his team at HiveWire3D.
I used one of "The Brothers" at HiveWire by Virtual World for my Native American.
I modified the face map of one of the brothers, cloning the heavy whiskers away,
as well as the Photoshop-clone tool to darken the color of the bottom of his feet.
Then I dialed in Native American facial features, using Dusk's own dials, plus HiveWire's
Dusk: Head Shapes add on, some Expression Morphs, as well as his own "default" face dials.
Dusk is VERY "pose-able" - he is just a dream of a figure to use!

For a FREE Pose file with THIS face shape, CLICK HERE!  (15 kb) Poser 2014 ONLY!
I was told that the "version number of my file, created in Poser 2014 would not work in earlier Posers-
so I made a "version" for poser 9-2012 CLICK HERE, and READ the readme please!

I will be creating a very large, close up art Portrait of this character soon!

I used Fabiana's
Eternal Kyra Hair, (using the "Dawn fit"!)
The Native American "chaps & cloth" are M4 Cheyenne from DAZ.
(they are NOT fitted, they were moved into place - ie: I "faked it"!  :)

The feathers in his hair (and on the tack) are CWRW's PANTED FEATHERS from RMP.
I 'tied' them into his hair with a bit of leather I created in photoshop.

Harry (the HiveWire Horse) is wearing the gorgeous Dunskin texture from
CWRW's Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 2. (Dunskin is also available in a mini pack).
The "tack" rein is from Dio's Native Costume for the MilHorse at RMP, I added the mouth bit of rope via Photoshop.
The "saddle blanket" was an OLD poser horse figure that did not really fit. I had to make the horse-
Body -invisible, and render the blanket, then post-work paint the edges, shadows etc. to "set it" on the horse.
The texture on the blanket is from the fantastic new set of materials by Fabiana at RMP.
(Essentials Vol VIII Velvety Fabrics)

The two California Condor birds in the mid distance are by Ken Gilliland (HiveWire
-Songbird ReMix Condors)
Far distance condors are from Ron's Bird Brushes found at DAZ.
The real sky (by commission) is a real world photo by my good friend George Gregory!

Indian, Horse & Condors were rendered in Poser 2014, with Fabiana's Warm & Soul lights
Photoshop for post work and assembly.

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