Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride!
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I continue to adore, and am inspired by "Hilda" from the 1950's
She was a little known pinup by Duane Bryers Hilda

Dawn SE dialed to a pleasantly plump girl....just a tiny
bit of "chubby" and hand dialing on other body parts.

3D-Age's little top named: Enjoy Summer III for V4 (Rendo)
PLACED (not cross dressed, because the tie-ends vanished
when cross dresser did it!?) on Dawn. I turn shadows OFF
of each body part of the top so even if it's not exactly ON her
snuggly, it looks like it! Poser art is all about optical illusions!
It's always best to keep the original clothing figure when it has
so many great morphs for it!! All the positioning done with this
top was simply dialed in! I used parrotdolphin's DARK MATS - (Rendo)
polka dot material then changed the colors to achieve the blue with white dots.

Her shorts are the Dawn Skinny Jeans with cute material by CWRW (HW)

SAV's Marina Hair (Rendo)

Her pose came with the wonderful Vintage Bicycle by AnimaGemini (HW)
in poser 2014, I used Fabi's silver metal material on some parts of the bike.
For some reason the complex materials for the metal on the bike took forever
to render and came up black. Perhaps because the materials are really for P11?

Dreamland Models for the "block 18" of houses and street, but I used
LisaB's Flowers and Flink's Tree 8 instead of the billboard trees. (Rendo)

Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's Motherhood -
nest and baby birds with his Songbird parents -
the worried American Robins! (HW)

HiveWire's Big Dog with Flint_Hawk's spotted coat color -
(which is my Hilda's official doggy companion now)
Pose was one of Pommerlis's very well done "Strut poses" for the dog (HW)

Sky is from the Piles of Cotton set of skies by PhotoGG (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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