A Family's Struggles
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A Family's Struggles

Living on the street, out of a shopping cart,
Must break many a Father's loving heart,
How did their lives come to be this way?
Too many stories are told by the end of day.

Families like these, needing just a little help,
They can cause the hardest hearts to melt.
So will you please give hope to these families?
Please donate what you can to homeless charities!
~Lyne's Creations  


Dawn Special Edition (skin used on both Dawn and it's "no brows" version on Luna!)
wearing OOT's mega wardrobe for Dawn from Rendo, with Parrotdolphoin's dirty material applied
Note: I turn spec to black on many materials, as to me, most  materials do not shine.
Dawn wears Fringe Sandals with the 'no fringe' material option. Her hair is Dawn Mid length hair.
Her tears are from png's no longer sold at Rendo.

Baby Luna with her 'Onesie' made into a baby tee shirt with a trans map by me, her diaper, holding her
blanket freebie by Glitterati3D. Luna's hair is a 'brush' I made from a public domain photo of an infant's hair.
Luna's baby bottle is from older Kiki props by LadyLittleFox

Dusk as Marcello by Tempesta3d wearing his Long sleeve Teeshirt, with texture by Loki

and skinny jeans for both Dusk & Dawn with textures by CWRW, his shoes are from GQ for Dusk - I just made the
socks invisible, and changed the material on the shoes. His hair is "Aram"
by SAV from Rendo.

Scavengers Cart by coflek-gnorg from Rendo. (I took the "junk" out, rendered the bedroll, old cans & cardboard box
separately, post worked in photoshop and added here. (all shadows cast by my freebie cast shadow action for Photoshop)
I even added a shadow at the bottom of the drain pipe, as it did not render in poser.
Pewter7's Ivy vines, modified in Photoshop hang on the back wall.
The propane cooker/pan, opn cans, etc. are from "ghetto props" by coflek-gnorg from Rendo.

set against a wall from Stonemason's "Tin Pan Ally" (that used to be called by a different name when I bought it at DAZ)
with ground from a 'public domain free photo of cracked asphalt', and added dandelion weeds from RDNA

Ken Gilliland's Sparrows  and pigeons created with "rock dove-feral pigeons" with color modified a bit by me.

Poser Pro 2014 and Photoshop

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