A Stroll Through the Past
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A Stroll Through the Past

A quiet Stroll Through the Past,
When time was calm; not as fast,
Couples really listened to each other,
Enjoyed many moments to discover,

The countless little details of one another,
Their relationship became a safe harbor,
Offering strength and security that would last,
Filling them with Peace as they Strolled Through the Past.
~Lyne's Creations                                          


Dusk as Bryant by Tempesta3d (Rendo) and Dawn with Cybrea's Bow (free-Rendo)
skin and morph (with face shape - the nose - a bit modified by me)

Dusk wears the new Glitterati3D's Red Carpet Tux (HW)
His hair is SAV's Andes Hair (Rendo)
His pocket watch is a freebie model from CGTrader
Pose is by me

Dawn wears Lully's Dynamic Darcy Dress (HW) with Victorian Floral materials (Rendo)
I put the same material on her Cameo Choker (a beta product by PhotoGG)
Her cameo earrings are from Sveva's 2D Cameo merchant resource (Rendo)
Her hair is Propschick's Lysithea Hair (doubled and post worked)
Pose is by me

Background is Sveva's "Beautiful Gothic III - Charming Decay" (Rendo)
I changed the hue to cyan to go with the rim light color that falls on my characters.
a note about this rim light...for some reason it caught on her hair and dress properly
so that was a special, magical thing that happened. I was told by a friend that rim lights
only show up on actual 3d geometry mesh, not most other flat hair strips, and clothing objects.
(one reason rim lights DO show up on Poser's hair room hairs!)

I added my rice Paper So. African Butterfly I created to go on Noggin's Butterflies
(from DAZ) - still the BEST butterfly collection for poser around. For some reason
Poser 2014 reads his trans maps differently, so I do have to reduce his trans maps
1-2 pixels to make the wings look right- but it's an easy fix to continue using these
beautiful creatures!

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights & Photoshop

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