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  These little "Elves" (some people would call them gnomes) usually reside in
my back yard, but here you find them in their natural habitat, with a furry friend.
Each element in this image was a separate photo, on a separate layer. I painted the
each "Elf" by selecting areas of them, and using the Hue & Saturation - Colorize
button. I pulled the beard areas out to white, added noise, and a motion blur on top,
to simulate hair. The baby bunny is 'real' - a photo given to me by a friend. The back
ground is a stock photo from Corel. The carrot is clip art. The gnomes are
copyright the original sculpture artist.
The idea for this scene came about after I was
practicing with our new digital camera... and became friends with a real Elf!
This image is dedicated to her.

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