Loss in Spring
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Loss In Spring

During the month of May, the very epitome of Spring,
When flowers bloom, and everything's clean and green,
Death came quietly to steal my companion of 12 years,
My heart restricts and retreats, my eyes overflow with tears.

The silence is deafening and isolation closes in,
As I live with only memories of Nickie back when,
He was a crazy, fun, precocious kitten,
A dare-devil tearing around from couch to kitchen.

But memories don't keep my heart warm at night,
When I keep glancing around me, thinking I have caught sight,
Of Nickie looking up, greeting me, or curled up in the sun, asleep,
Throwing me back into my pain, tears hover, and again I weep.
~Lyne's Creations                            


Dawn SR2 is "Morning Dove" by Flint_Hawk  (HW)
Her dress, moccasins and hair decoration are materials from Flint_Hawk
Dress materials require: Dynamics 09 for Dawn - Anarkali Dress by Lully (HW)
Moccasin requires Dawn's Universal Boots by ChristopherCreek Art & CGCubed at HiveWire3D

I used the Side Tail Hair by OOT (DAZ) with a scaled down version of Lully's I Heart You
Bangle with the matching Morning Dove Wardrobe beaded texture from HW.
Her Pose is by Island Girl (HW)

SBRM Ken Gilliland's Condor, Crows and Anna's Hummingbird   and
Ken's Faithful Beauty Moth from Nature's Wonders Moths of the World Vol. 3 (HW)

Sky background is one from "Piles of Cotton" by PhotoGG   (HW)

Ground and flowers by Flink

Not sure who made the Poser Frame I put my picture of Nickie in.
I used Moonbeam1212's 2D English Roses frame and vignette.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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