The Source

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The Source

Reaching toward the brilliance of heaven,
Pursuing knowledge from the connection,
Seeking a way we can rise to higher levels,
Wishing protection that is strong yet gentle.
Created in their image we instinctively yearn,
To find ancient secrets we can barely discern.
Yet trapped in the religions they long ago formed,
Limited by these beliefs; we're constantly reborn.

With knowledge of ancient lives that constantly beckons,
We're meant to rediscover our origins in the heavens,
Via secrets within our DNA; which we need to re-learn,
To reach the stars where we feel compelled to return.

Living on this earth takes a great amount of strength,
To pull oneself up out of the dark, to go the whole length,
Rising up, conquering our fears, reaching for greatness,
Individually and then as a group; we will achieve success.
~Lyne's Creations

My goal was to create a Renaissance like express my poem in art.
I have been working on this for SO long, it has truly been a work of passion.

We all are entitled to our individual beliefs in our lives, this reflects my own.
I am aware it is not a commonly held belief, and I always respect other's beliefs. 
What matters most is the strength our beliefs give us to cope, to grow and learn in our lives!


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