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Solitude closes in down and around,
Too quiet without any human sound,
Dreams of being lost still in my face
Feelings I need to find ways to erase,

I could so easily spiral way down,
Therefore I look to things I've found,
To help return me to a better place,
To find peace and sense of grace.

Listen to music, change my mood,
Take steps to change my attitude,
Seeking all ways to feel renewed,
To alleviate the pervasive solitude!
~ Lyne's Creations

this little extrovert does NOT like to be alone...
life seems to be forcing me to be alone more on this front lately...
most of my friends are truly busy, and for GOOD reasons.... so I have to just deal with it...
but my dreams do show I am feeling a bit "at loose ends without a tether" right now...
It IS a good time to just put on music and install poser stuff!! 
The charming texture set for this blouse by Rena does take me back to the
few precious GOOD memories of my childhood!


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