A Solitary Life
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Dusk SE as a mountain man! I did a LOT of work, adding parts to the old M4 Cheyenne outfit (Cross-Dressed)
and NOTE! about that- cross dresser does pretty good with the pants, because there is no 'crotch area' to get weird! :)
I added fringe to the shirt in post, using the fringe off the knife sheath. I added a belt/strap from another outfit (which
I re-textured with some of the leather from the Cheyenne-Leaping Bear texture add on).
I used Faveral's old (no longer sold) Trapper Kit items- knife/sheath/bullet bag and long rifle I got at either DAZ or Rendo a very long time ago.

His Hair is SAV's Andes hair. I did the beard off of Dusk SE's short beard,
just post working it a LOT to get the scruffy look. 

His pack horse is of course 'Harry' the HiveWire horse, with the dunskin texture. I created the Indian lead rope
starting from HaiGan's Leadrope (also used it to 'tie down' the furs)  The Bear Skin furs are from my own set of re-
mapped DAZ Bear- the morphing bear skin is in the set - again, a lot of post.

Underneath the bear skins is Daio's tack- (that she is in work, converting it to the HW horse,
so I used it's Fit Helper by Lyrra, for now). 

My background is one of Howie Farkes Carrara scenes from Alpina Valley....
I added grass from Flink- layering it in around the feet/hooves.

Lastly, I added life by using Ken (songbird remix) birds- the Steller Jay and Sparrows and Golden Eagle!
Oh and some butterflies. I think the taller bits of grass are LisaB's 'tall grass'.

Sorry for no links this time, life is just a bit too much right now, with my plumbing disaster stress.

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