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Fabiana's Nahla rings for V4 started this whole project...
I wanted to see if I could fit them to Dawn, using Fabi's Dawn
Ring poses... it worked!  It did take a lot more patience to place
the ones with a nail and ring right (as opposed to normal rings),
but I persevered! I think they are lovely!

Softness and Sparkles

Diamonds and soft kittens,
What endearing visions,
Two of a girl's best friends,
That pay such dividends...

What do they bring,
These comforting things,
Very dependable are they,
Always there at the end of the day.
~Lyne's Creations                                           

HW's DawnSE with Maelween's Elisa
Fabi's Oriana NAILS using her nail morph for Dawn and tinted to match her lipstick 
Minyassa's Soul Eyes

 She wears  OOT's Spring Bride Hair, (Rendo)  I really do love this hair - it's so
easy to manually fit on Dawn!

Her dress is Ken1171's Cheongsam dress with parrotdolphin's Floral material
Fabiana & Lucila's Nahla Nail/Rings using Fabi's wonderful ring poses for Dawn to place 
the rings just right! .... and yes, stuck one of the rings in her hair! :)
Note: Fabi's Utility Poses for placing V4's rings on Dawn come in her
Bijoux Hantee add-on set for Dawn!!
I believe I started out with LunchLady's portrait poses for Dawn (Rendo) and changed to suit.

HW house cat - Kitten with my body morph, brushing their CWRW fur out in post.

Background is Shades of Light by Antji & Bez (Rendo)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights & Photos


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