What Has Become of Office Depot?

It is been a little while since the complete disaster of a four-day stressful event of trying to have two pieces of office furniture delivered to my home by shopping at Office Depot online.  After waiting all morning on the specified date of delivery, looking out a window over the street in front of my house, I suddenly got a phone call from an automated computer saying that delivery had been attempted and would be rescheduled for the next day! I sat there dumb struck wondering how that could possibly be when I was actually up early waiting at the window and could not possibly miss a phone call or a truck.  I immediately called customer service! That is when I discovered that if you call their customer service number most likely you will be talking to people in El Salvador, Argentina, or who knows where else - if you have any questions about your order or on it's delivery
scheduling.  After explaining that I was here the entire day and that if I did not receive my order delivery today I wanted to cancel my order.  one man in El Salvador told me I could have an "emergency same-day delivery today", but something told me not to believe him and I called customer service back again this time to a department in the United States which was not equipped to handle my situation at all except for the fact that she said there is no such thing as an emergency same-day delivery unless you set it up at the inception of the order.  So then I called customer service again and probably talk to Argentina,  at which time I was told unequivocally that I could not cancel my order and that it would be delivered to me the next day whether I wanted it then or not!  I was completely shocked at being told I actually could not cancel my order!!  That is when I began my search to try to get to corporate and find someone here in the United States who would listen and talk to me and help me cancel my credit card order.  I called information and asked for the phone number of the corporate headquarters in Florida of Office Depot.

When I finally got hold of the Florida corporate office, that operator assured me she could get me to a person that could cancel my order and I was put on hold.  While I sat there listening to office depot commercials about their customer service being the greatest in the world, I was actually thinking about how completely secret and hidden their customer service in the United States actually is.  How many people would think of calling the corporate offices to try to simply get an American customer service person?!

Once I had this person of corporate customer service and they were trying to call the warehouse here in California regarding my order it took the rest of the day for her to assure me that my order had been canceled "for sure".  However the next day (still before the designated delivery time that I had originally been promised on the day that my order never came) the order was attempted to be delivered by a non-American with a thick accent calling from my security gate trying to deliver the order which had been canceled!  I rejected the order and I called the customer service lady again and she was shocked that they were still trying to deliver.  I explained to her my health issues and that I was in no condition to receive the order on any other day I then the original day that Office Depot said it would arrive.  I must say that the corporate customer service lady worked very hard for me and gave me her extension and called me back over two days of time, trying her best, but I expressed to her aunt linked how flawed the entire communication customer service situation is.

Of course it goes without saying that I was talking to my credit card think and keeping them apprised of the situation so that I'd know exactly what how to handle it if a charge did go through on my credit card.

It was a nightmare (and I actually only related a fraction of the events/conversations that I kept a time and date log of, during those days).  I could not believe that a company that I thought was "a good old American company" who forces you - when you're on hold - to listen to commercials saying how wonderful they are and that their customer service is the best in the world - was now a company where I could not talk to anybody regarding my order delivery right here in my own town, (where the warehouse is located that the order was coming from), or my state and indeed my own country.  I will never shop at Office Depot again! 

The thing that made it even more difficult was that a few years ago I did place an order and had it delivered to my home from the local warehouse at the time specified with no problems whatsoever.  Things have obviously changed drastically, not the least of which is "outsourcing of customer service"!! I did make a point of telling the United States customer service ladies in the southern states that I was sure that the victims of hurricane Katrina would fall all over themselves to take any kind of customer service phone jobs and that this just is not right!


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